Our climate
This region is known for its arid climate and its vegetation primarily gows on scrubland, dominated by century-old Holm oak trees.

Rain is not abundant; in recent years we have had an average of 250l/m2. This factor limits our olive output, but it also provides for a more consistent and characteristic oil.

Winters are cold, with temperatures dropping to -12ºC. Were it not for the regular fog during that time of year, many of our olive trees would be damaged or even destroyed. The summer, on the other hand, is dry and hot. In general, the climate is sufficiently adverse to prevent pests from getting a foothold in the orchards and vineyards of the regional. Thanks to this factor, the use of insecticides in the region is not nearly as commonplace as in those parts of the country with a more typically Mediterranean climate, where chemical products are frequently used to prevent plagues.