There are many different factors that jointly determine the caharacter and quality of our fine olis, including the variety of olives used, the land, the climate, the care we give our olive trees, the harvesting, the milling and the natural decantation process.

Above all, however, is the good work of the producer and his tenacious commitment to follow his personal poduction criteria at all costs, refusing to use any other system that might diminish the quality and integrity of the final product.

Using traditional production techniques, extracting the juice from the olives at cold temperatures -below 27ºC-, to preserve all of the flavour and aroma that the ollive prossesses.

Once the olive juice has been obtained using this cold press technique, it is allowed to rest in sealed stainless steel vats where it is naturally decanted.
Our systems typify our attempt to obtain the best product from our olives, starting with a high-quality juice that preserves all of the flavour and aroma of our olives.

The oil is also filtered using a traditional technique, simply by passing the oil through a filter of cellulose paper, which absorbs all of the humidity and prevents vegetal particulates from passing through. This process is done without any force, which would emulsify the oil, or heat. This maintains the highest possible quality of the product. Only the oil filters through, ready to be bottled.
Our production closely follows the Pago philosophy of production at the farm itself. This preocess obtains an extremely personal product and, given our limited output, we are able to dutifully take care of every step in the process.