Our oils


Cabeza del Fraile Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the product of a careful selection of the varieties of olive from which it is made, Picual and Cornicabra, together with a detailed study of the optimum blend. For ease of purchase, this exquisite and balanced oil is sold in bottle 1L carafes and 2 and 5 liters.

The result is an especially fruity, fluid, light green and medium bitter oil, spicy and somewhat sweet, with aromas of green apple, recently mown grass and hints of banana, almond and tomato but with a minimal acidity.

It gives us a flavour, an aroma and a color that will not pass unnoticed, suitable for a diverse range of food and giving all dishes a distinctive character; garnishing salads, vegetables, white fish and seafood and as a base for stir-fries, stews and casseroles, with excellent results thanks to its great aroma and touch of bitterness. In addition, the properties of Cabeza del Fraile make it ideal for preserving any type of food, such as pork loin, anchovies, cheeses, etc.